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VapeRankz Create a Juul Compatible Pods list and find 40+ Compatible Pods Available in Vape Shops. Juul is very sickly Notice Who Sale and Create Juul Compatible Pods.

Why Juul Pods

Juul Company have become extremely popular just in recent years, Juul currently holds more than 50% of shares in the Vape market.

Many Juul Compatible Pods Banned FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) In USA Market, Because Not FDA Standard and don’t Approved US Government.

Here is List: Juul Compatible Pods

Sea100 PodsMr. Fog podsSky podsHuff & Puff pods
DRAG PodsBidi podsNiC PodsLink Pods
Power PodsCarbon pods2 Good podsSkol pods
Caesar podsPuff podsAccess Vapor PodsPUR pods
Jum PodsBuz PodsSixT PodsJ fit pods
J Mango PodsLoon PodsRush PodsMango Pods
Nicotech PodsCali PodsDelicious Pods Unique Pods
4x PodsAirbender PodsEonsmoke PodsPlus Pods
Fuma podsVQ PodsZalt PodsSonic Pods
Ziip podsKuul pods EPIC  PodsCLIC VAPOR
SOL Pods JUM  PodsQuad PodsKwit pods

Sea100 Pods

Sea 100 Pods its Famous Juul Compatible Pods, Sea 100 brings you an incredible flavor line up fresh from the sea!


  • Sea100 Pods Blueberry
  • Sea100 Pods Blueberry Menthol
  • Sea100 Pods Mango
  • Sea100 Pods Mint
  • Sea100 Pods Pineapple Lemonade
  • Sea100 Pods Raspberry
  • Sea100 Pods Raspberry Menthol
  • Sea100 Pods Strawberry
  • Sea100 Pods Strawberry Menthol
  • Sea100 Pods Watermelon
  • Sea100 Pods Pink Lemonade
  • Sea100 Pods Lush Ice
Sea100 Pods for JUUL

Mr. Fog pods

Mr. Fog pods for JUUL 4ct, Each pod contain 6% salt Nicotine Juice. MR. FOG 1ML Prefilled replacement pods for JUUL.


  • Mr. Fog Pineapple pods
  • Mr.Fog Blueberry pods
  • Mr. Fog Strawberry pods
  • Mr. Fog Pink Lemonade
  • Mr. Fog Blue Rasdberry
  • Mr. Fog Sour Apple
  • Mr. Fog Lush Ice pods
  • Mr. Fog pods Blueberry + Mango (new flavor)
  • Mr. Fog Cotton Candy pods
  • Mr. Fog pods Pina Colada (new flavor)
  • MR fog pods Cotton Candy new flavor.
Mr. Fog pods Compatible with JUUL

Sky pods

Sky pods Compatible with JUUL. Works perfectly with JUUL device. Each pack contains 5 pods. 1 pods = 1ML Salt nicotine juice. Each pods has 6% salt nicotine juice!


  • Sky pods Blue Sushi Ice
  • Sky pods Straw Lemonade
  • Sky pods Mango
  • Sky pods Blue Lemonade
  • Sky pods Cotton Candy (new)
  • Sky pods Mint
  • Sky pods Pineapple Coconut
  • Sky pods Variety Pack are included following flavors:
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Pineapple Coconut
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Blue Razz Slush
  • Lush Ice
Sky pods Compatible with JUUL

Huff & Puff pods

JUUL Compatible pods. Each pack contain 4 pods! Strength 6%, New brand compatible with JUUL Huff and Puff pods.


  • Huff Puff pods Ice Mint Blast
  • Huff Puff pods Fresh Mango
  • Huff Puff pods Watermelon
  • Huff Puff pods Raspberry
  • Huff Puff pods Arctic Grape
  • Huff Puff pods Pina Colada
  • Huff Puff pods Lush Ice
  • Huff Puff pods Pomegranate Berry
  • Huff Puff pods Creamy Mango
  • Huff Puff pods Casanova (Strawberry, Peach, Guava & Coconut)
  • Huff Puff pods Mango Twist
  • Huff Puff pods Strawberry Mango Ice
  • Huff Puff pods Mixed Berry Lemonade
  • Huff Puff pods Lush Iced Mango
  • Huff Puff pods Arctic Pineapple
Huff & Puff pods Compatible with JUUL

DRAG pods

  • RAG pods 4ct
  • New pods with Horizontal Sponge Coil (new tech of pods)
  • Each pod contain 0.5ML Salt nicotine liquid
  • Strength 5%


  • DRAG pods Mucho Mango
  • DRAG pods Granny Smith (Sour Apple)
  • DRAG pods Wings (Energy Drink)
  • DRAG pods Mixed Berries
  • DRAG pods SCP ( Strawberry Coconut Pineapple)
DRAG pods 4ct

Bidi pods

  • Bidi Pods 1 pack of 4
  • BIDI Pods are Pre-filled Replacement Pods with pure 6% Class A USP Grade Nicotine.
  • Bidi pods are JUUL Compatible.

BIDI vapor pods are USA MADE.

Bidi pods Double Blueberry – Bidi pods Fruity Mango – Bidi pods Ice Cucumber – Bidi pods Lush Ice – Bidi pods Mint Freeze – Bidi pods Smooth Menthol Bidi pods Sour Apple – Bidi pods Strawberry Cream – Bidi pods Virginia Tobacco – Bidi pods Wild Rush.

NiC Pods

  • Nic pods compatible with JUUL.

Strength 5% Nic

Flavors :

  • NIC Strawberry pods
  • NIC Mango pods
  • NIC Iced Mango pods
  • NIC Blueberry pods
  • NIC Watermelon pods
  • NIC Peach pods
  • NIC Lychee Ice pods
  • NIC Grape pods
  • NIC Pineapple pods
  • NIC Cherry pods
NiC Pods

Link Pods

  • Each pack contain 4 pods and 6.8% Salt nicotine juice. Each pod has 1ML Salt Nic Juice.
  • New brand and not bad at all. Good flavors and good taste, favorite flavors are available all the time.


  • Link pods Pineapple
  • Link pods Blueberry Blast
  • Link pods Mango
  • Link pods Strawberry
  • Link pods Green Apple
  • Link pods Pink Lemonade

Power Pods

  • Power Pods 1 pack of 4
  • Power Pods MADE in USA.
  • Power pods Cucumber Mint compatible with JUUL
  • Power pods Blue Raspberry compatible with JUUL
  • Power pods Lush Ice compatible with JUUL
  • Power pods Mango compatible with JUUL
  • Power pods Pink Lemonade compatible with JUUL
  • Power pods Strawberry compatible with JUUL
  • Each pod Contain 6% Salt Nicotine Juice.

Carbon Pods

1 pack of 4 . Each pod has 1ML Juice and 50MG Salt Nicotine Juice.


  • Carbon pods Fruit Punch
  • Carbon pods Blueberry Blast
  • Carbon pods Cucumber Mint
  • Carbon pods Cherry Lime
  • Carbon pods Raging Bull
  • Carbon pods Mango
  • Carbon pods Orange Burst
  • Carbon pods Green Apple
  • Carbon pods Strawberry
  • Carbon pods Ice Berry
  • Carbon pods Pineapple
  • Carbon pods Sweet Melon

2 Good pods

  • 2 Good Pods for JUUL 1 pack of 8 pods. Yes, inside are 8 compatible pods with JUUL.
  • Each pods has 1ML Salt Nicotine Juice and 5% of Strength.

Flavors :

  • 2 Good Universal pods Kango ( Mango + Kiwi) Compatible with JUUL Device.
  • 2 Good Universal pods The Citrus Compatible with JUUL Device.
  • 2 Good Universal pods Apple Cinnamon Compatible with JUUL Device.
  • 2 Good Universal pods Guava Compatible with JUUL Device.
  • 2 Good Universal pods Blue Raspberry Compatible with JUUL Device.
  • 2 Good Universal pods Bana Berries ( Banana + Strawberry) Compatible with JUUL Device.

Skol pods

Skol pods for JUUL 4ct

  • Skol Colombian Coffee pods
  • Skol Double Apple pods
  • Skol Pink Lemonade pods
  • Skol Mango pods
  • Skol Cool Mint pods
  • Skol Strawberry Lemonade pods
  • Skol Tobacco Pods
  • Made in USA
  • 0.7mL/Pod
  • 5% nicotine by volume (50mg nicotine)

Caesar Pods

  • Package Contents Include: 4 Pods
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% =  (50mg) salt nicotine E-juice


  • Caesar JUUL pods Blue Razz
  • Caesar JUUL pods Blue Razz Ice
  • Caesar JUUL pods Fresh Mint
  • Caesar JUUL pods Mango
  • Caesar JUUL pods Mango Ice
  • Caesar JUUL pods Passion Fruit Guava
  • Caesar JUUL pods Raspberry Lemonade
  • Caesar JUUL pods Strawberry Watermelon
  • Caesar JUUL pods Strawberry Watermelon Ice
  • Caesar JUUL pods Tobacco
  • Caesar JUUL pods Multi Pack
Caesar Pods for JUUL 4ct

Puff pods

  • Puff Pod Up to 300 puffs per cartridge.
  • Pre-filled with 1.0mL of e-Liquid.
  • Available in 5% nicotine concentrations
  • Each pod cartridge is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes.

Puff pods flavors:

  • Puff pods Pink Lemonade
  • Puff pods Lush Ice
  • Puff pods Blueberry Ice (menthol)
  • Puff pods Mango
  • Puff pods Lychee Ice
  • Puff pods Pineapple Lemon
  • Puff pods Lemon Grapefruit
  • Puff pods Pineapple
  • Puff pods Watermelon
  • Puff pods Blueberry
  • Puff pods Grape
  • Puff pods Tobacco
  • Puff Pods Peach
  • Puff Pods Cucumber

Access Vapor pods

  • Access Vapor pods for JUUL 4ct
  • Access Vapor 1ML Pre-filled Replacement Compatible Pods.
  • Each pods has 5% Salt Nicotine Juice.

Access Vapor Flavors:

  • Access vapor Blueberry Blast pods
  • Access vapor Strawberry pods
  •  Access vapor POG pods
  • Access vapor Raspberry Lemonade on Ice pods
  • Access vapor Cool Mint pods
  • Access vapor Green Mango pods

PUR pods

PuR Pods by Liquid EFX are JUUL Compatible.

  • Ceramic Coil
  • 1 pack of 4 pods
  • Contain 1 ML Salt Nicotine Premium Juice

Pur pods Flavors:

  • Pur pods Strawberry Lemonade
  • Pur pods Blue Raspberry 
  • Pur pods Sour Apple
  • Pur pods Watermelon Passion
  • Pur Pods Tropic Mango
  • Pur Pods Arctic Menthol
  • Pur Pods Juicy Grape

Jum pods

  • Jum Pods Compatible with JUUL
  • JUM Pods are Pods with pure 5% Class A USP Grade Nicotine. Each pack has 4 pods inside.

Jum pods flavors:

  • Jum pods Classic Tobacco JUUL compatible
  • Jum pods Double Blueberry JUUL compatible
  • Jum pods Mighty Mango JUUL compatible
  • Jum pods Coffee Blend JUUL compatible
  • Jum pods Smooth Menthol JUUL compatible
  • Jum pods Sour Apple JUUL compatible

Buz Pods

  • Buz pods for JUUL 4ct
  • Juice made by Nasty Lab
  • Buz pods 1 pack of 4 contain 5% Nicotine
  • Buz pods flavors:
  • Buz pods Blueberry Pomegranate Compatible with JUUL
  • Buz pods Creamy Peach Compatible with JUUL
  • Buz pods Lemon Berry Compatible with JUUL
  • Buz pods Pina colada Compatible with JUUL
  • Buz pods Raspberry DragonFruit Compatible with JUUL
  • Buz pods Orange Pineapple Compatible with JUUL
  • Buz pods Strawberry Banana Compatible with JUUL
  • Buz pods Strawberry Kiwi Compatible with JUUL

SixT Pods

  • SixT pods for JUUL 4ct.
  • Each pack contain 4 pods and 6% Salt nicotine Juice per pod.


  • SixT pods Caffe Latte
  • SixT pods Grape Ice 
  • SixT pods Watermelon Ice
  • SixT pods Green Apple Mint 
  • SixT pods Strawberry Kiwi Pom
  • SixT pods Cantaloupe Ice 
  • SixT pods Pineapple
  • SixT pods Blu Raz 
  • SixT pods Mango 
  • SixT pods POG (Passion Orange Guava)

Just Mango pods

Just Mango pods 4ct works with JUUL Device. New Compatible JUUL pods with new flavors and sweet taste. Each Just Mango pods has 1ML Salt Nic Juice and 50MG Nicotine.

Just Mango pods – Sweet Mango
The delicious taste of sweet mangoes.

Just Mango pods – Strawberry Coconut
Sweet and refreshing coconut milk, paired with sun-kissed strawberry slivers.

Just Mango pods – Orange Kiwi
The citrus of Orange and Kiwi will splash on your tongue like gentle waves coming in to the beach on a warm summer day.

Just Mango pods – Pineapple Guava
Fresh Guava, and juicy sweet pineapple.

Loon pods

Loon pods for JUUL 5ct

Each pack has 5 pods and 5% salt nicotine juice. Now you will get new flavors and more pods for competitive price.

Loon pods flavors:

  • Loon pods Ice Pineapple Express
  • Loon pods Strawberry Ice
  • Loon pods Grape
  • Loon pods Cherry
  • Loon pods Blueberry
  • Loon pods Blueberry Ice
  • Loon pods Mad Mocha
  • Loon pods Variety Pack
  • Loon pods Strawberry banana
  • Loon pods Pineapple Ice
  • Loon pods Passion Fruit
  • Loon pods Mint Crush
  • Loon pods Grapefruit Ice
  • Loon pods Mango
  • Loon pods Lemon Ice
  • Loon pods Tobacco

Rush pods

Rush Pods Compatible with JUUL. Rush pods work JUUL Device. Brand new Company with new style and new taste of flavors.

 Following flavors:

  • Rush Pods Menthol
  • Rush pods Tobacco
  • Rush pods Mango
  • Rush pods Strawberry Cream
  • Rush pods Caribbean Punch
  • Rush pods Razzletaz
  • Rush Pods Apple

Rush pods contain 4 pods. Each pod has 1 ML of Juice and 50MG salt nicotine strength.

Mngo Pods 6%

Mngo Pods 6% – 5ct Compatible with JUUL. 
Each pack has 5 pods inside. Each pod Contain 6% Salt Nic Juice

Flavors : 

  • Mngo Pods Strawberry Mango
  • Mngo Pods  Mango
  • Mngo Pods Blueberry Mango
  • Mngo Pods Mango Melon 
  • Mngo Pods Strawberry Mint
  • Mngo Pods Pink  Lemonade
  • Mango pods Lemonade (new flavor)

Cali Pods

Cali pods compatible with JUUL Device. What to say about this brand. USA made Cali pods prefilled pods. Each pod contains 1ML e Juice Salt Nic and 5% or 50ML Nicotine Salt!

Following flavors available now in stock!

  • Cali pods Mango Mint 
  • Cali pods  Blue Raspberry Mint
  • Cali pods Watermelon
  • Cali pods Pineapple 
  • Cali pods Pink Lemonade
  • Cali pods Mighty Mint 
  • Cali pods Kiwi Guava  
  • Cali pods Strawberry 
  • Cali pods Watermelon Mint 
  • Cali pods Passion Fruit Orange Guava
  • Cali pods Grapefruit
  • Cali pods Strawberry Mint
  • Cali pods Blueberry
  • Cali pods Blueberry Pomegranate
  • Cali pods Citrus
  • Cali pods Russian Cream

Delicious Pods

Delicious Pods Compatible with JUUL. Delicious pods are 3rd company who make compatible pods for JUUL Device.

Delicious pods has 8 flavors to offer to JUUL Market. Delicious pods are high quality pods with anti leak system. What to say about Delicious pods for JUUL? Just Delicious.

Try now following flavors.

  • Delicious Pods Lychee
  • Delicious Pods Grape
  • Delicious Pods Peach
  • Delicious Pods Cucumber
  • Delicious Pods Passion Fruit
  • Delicious Pods Raspberry Mint
  • Delicious Pods Blueberry
  • Delicious Pods Mango
  • Delicious Pods Berry Lemonade

Unique Pods

Unique Pods for JUUL 4ct

Unique pods design for JUUL device. All Unique pods are compatible with JUUL Device. 
Unique pods for JUUL flavors : 

  • Unique pods Mango Mood For JUUL
  • Unique pods Watermelon Slice For JUUL
  • Unique pods Cotton Candy For JUUL
  • Unique pods Blueberry Cake For JUUL
  • Unique pods Pina Colada for JUUL
  • Unique pods Iced Strawberry Banana for JUUL
  • Unique pods Iced Cotton Candy for JUUL
  • Unique pods Iced Blueberry Cake for JUUL
  • Unique pods Iced Watermelon Slice for JUUL
  • Unique pods Iced Mango mood for JUUL
  • Unique Pods Iced Grape Mango for JUUL

4X Pods

  • 4X Pods compatible with JUUL Blue Raspberry 1 pack of 4
  • 6.8% Strength

Airbender pods

  • 1 ZPod contains: 1ml – 50mg nicotine salt
  • 1 Pod is equivalent to 1 cigarette pack

These new pods are bursting with flavor with the 50mg nicotine salt you are looking for. No more boring flavors! Try them all today!

Eonsmoke pods

Eonsmoke pods Black Cherry  1 pack of 4

Eonsmoke Black Cherry pods is the latest flavor by Eonsmoke Lab.

Each pod has 50MG Juice and 0.9ML per pod. 
Eon Black Cherry pods – Taste, Feel, Buzz & Satisfaction like 6% Salt Nic.

5% made from Natural Alkaloid from Areca nut (Nicotine Free)

Iced Plus pods

New line of flavors by PLUS pods Factory – Plus pods Iced Flavors

Plus Pods Iced 6% compatible with JUUL. This are 3rd party pods witch work with JUUL Device. Each pod contains 1ML.


  • Plus pods Iced Pineapple
  • Plus pods Iced Peach
  • Plus pods Iced Grape
  • Plus pods Iced Mint
  • Plus pods Iced Multi Pack

Fuma pods

Fuma pods 4ct

4 pod cartridges per pack.

– Up to 300 puffs per cartridge.

– Pre-filled with 1.0mL of e-Liquid.

– Available in 5.5% – 6 % nicotine concentrations.

– Each pod cartridge is equivalent to 1 packs of cigarette

Fuma pods flavors:

  • Fuma pods Juicy Grape
  • Fuma pods Smooth Strawberry
  • Fuma pods Russian Cream
  • Fuma pods Cotton Candy
  • Fuma pods Lychee
  • Fuma pods Mango
  • Fuma pods Cool Melon
  • Fuma pods Lush Ice
  • Fuma pods Pink Lemonade
  • Fuma pods Ice Mint
  • Fuma pods Cubano
  • Fuma pods Pineapple
  • Fuma pods Blue Razz Fresh
  • Fuma pods Blue B Ice

VQ Pods

  • All VQ Pods for JUUL has with 1 ML of 5%/Volume or (50 MG) of Salt Nicotine.
  • Each Pack has 4 pods and each pod has 1ML
  • VQ Pods Strawberry Milk
  • VQ Pods Mango Bliss
  • VQ Pods Sampler Pack ( Strawberry Milk , Mango Bliss, Watermelon Ice, Supper Berry)
  • VQ Pods Super Berry
  • VQ Pods Wild Cherry
  • VQ Pods Watermelon Ice
  • VQ Pods Variety Pack ( Wild Cherry , Grape Soda , Peach , Raspberry Sweet Tea)
  • VQ Pods Peach
  • VQ Pods Grape Soda
  • VQ Pods Raspberry Sweet Tea
  • VQ Pods Salty
  • VQ Pods Lemon Soda
  • VQ Pods Lemon Soda Ice
  • VQ Pods Sweet Cream

Zalt Pods

  • Zalt pods 1 pack of 4 compatible with JUUL Device. 
  • Each pod has 1ML Refilled Salt Nic e-Juice. Each pod contain 5% or 50ML salt Nic E-liquid

Zalt Pods Compatible with JUUL. Zalt Pods are USA Made. Zalt Pods are unique pods for JUUL. Zalt pods are considered top band between all brands compatible with JUUL. Also Zalt pods offer unique taste and flavors. If you did not try yet our Zalt pods, now is the right time you have to! Buy only here the cheapest and high quality Zalt pods on JUULSite.Com

  • Zalt Pods Berry Lemonade
  • Zalt Pods Blue Raspberry
  • Zalt Pods Cool Mint
  • Zalt Pods Green Apple Candy
  • Zalt Pods Mango
  • Zalt Pods P.O.G ( Passion Fruit Orange Guava)
  • Zalt Pods Strawberry Watermelon Menthol
  • Zalt Pods Tobacco
  • Zalt pods Multi pack

Sonic pods

Sonic pods for JUUL 4ct

  • Sonic Pods 1ML each 5% Salt Nicotine Juice. 
  • Sonic pods are made in USA with high quality Salt nicotine and best juicy flavor.

Sonic Pods flavors: 

  • Sonic Pods Apple works with JUUL
  • Sonic Pods Blueberry works with JUUL
  • Sonic Pods Grape works with JUUL
  • Sonic PodsPineapple works with JUUL
  • Sonic Pods Strawberry Milkshake works with JUUL
  • Sonic Pods Vanilla Ice Cream works with JUUL

Ziip pods

  • Ziip pods Blueberry 4ct
  • Package contain 4 pods
  • Nicotine Strength 6%
  • New flavor by Ziip Lab – Ziip pods Blueberry.
  • Lowest prices online on Ziip pods.

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