The Best Smoking Accessories For Busy Lifestyles

The Best Smoking Accessories For Busy Lifestyles

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Today’s fast-paced, busy lifestyle leaves little time for fidgeting with lighters or worrying about
where to ash. Thanks to modern ingenuity, smoking accessories have reached new heights,
allowing the busy ‘Vaper’ convenient ways to satisfy the urge. These days, choosing the best
smoking accessory can be tricky. There are many products available in stores and online and it
can be hard to know which one will be the best fit. When it comes to accommodating a busy
lifestyle, not all smoking accessories are created equal. The best smoking accessories, for a
busy lifestyle, come in the form of POD systems.

POD Systems

POD systems are mods (e-cigarettes) that can consist of both empty or pre-filled pods (cartridges) that hold the e-liquid. The e-liquid pods are filled with vape juice, or e-juice, and come in both traditional and flavored pods. POD systems were designed for smokers transitioning to vaping. The pod is self-contained for easy insertion into the pod bay, contained within the battery. This is a big improvement from having to refill tanks or change coils. Popularity in POD systems has skyrocketed recently because of their easy-to-use design that is compact, convenient, and portable. Most POD systems are draw-activated and free of buttons, eliminating settings to fidget with, for immediate vaping. Some are furnished with USB charging so you are never left with an empty battery. Some are built for one-time use only. POD systems may also be referred to as pod vapes, pod mods, vape pods, and mini vapes. There are a number of POD systems to consider when making the switch to vaping. Here are some front runners best suited for vaping on the go.

Fashionable Pod Mods

For convenience, and in the interest of being extremely discreet, the ACACIA Q-Watch Pod System Vape Kit tops the charts. Break the boundaries and enjoy ultimate freedom while wearing the world’s first detachable band, watch e-cig. This chic smoking accessory is leading the fashion trend in wearable e-cig apparel. It comes in four sporty colors, sure to match your wardrobe, and is equipped with a convenient screen display to inform you of it’s working condition. Plus, it’s complete with USB charging for continued longer vaping. Truly authentic vaping enjoyment can be expected from installed intelligent airflow. No one will even know you are wearing a pod mod. Immediate access to a pre-filled pod will always be at your fingertips and you will never have to wonder where you left your e-cig while navigating through your chaotic day.

Slender Pods

With jeans getting skinnier and handbags becoming clutches, compact is always a plus. The vape pod, UWOO ETTE, is noticeably compact, slimmer and lightweight. This small but mighty pen has battery life capable of satisfying your vaping needs for the entire day. With a multi-color selection to suit your taste and an array of flavors to choose from, this POD system is sure to please your senses. The ETTE is disposable, making it a highly convenient smoking accessory for a busy lifestyle.

Slender Pods

Flavor To Fit Any Mood

The Smoant Ballisitc pod is compact with button less operation and an integrated design made for comfort, reliability, and user satisfaction. This POD system actually encourages you to swap flavors freely.  Effortlessly choose between 30+ e-liquid flavors, from 5 different brands, all from the same device. Just insert the desired flavor pod and start vaping, anytime, anywhere. Cutting edge technology ensures perfect flavor every time. This product is truly an industry leader boasting minimal packaging with maximum indulgence along with all day battery life. It is even USB fast charge capable to compliment tight schedules. For adding a little flavor to any busy lifestyle, this simple and versatile POD system will do the trick.

Made To Be On The Go

For tobacco users who are looking to switch to the convenience of vaping, the Mojo Ultra portable, disposable, e-cig was designed to make the transition seamless. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a USB flash drive, making storage a breeze. The Mojo is a fully disposable device, eliminating all maintenance. It is arguably the most portable vape device on the market today. In addition to these great features, the Mojo offers a variety of unique flavors to choose from and does not give off any carcinogenic second-hand smoke. Since the scent does not linger, it makes for a more enjoyable experience for all while vaping in public. The Mojo is a must have smoking accessory for any busy lifestyle.

Read The Reviews

As always, when searching for a personal vaping product, to best fit your needs, it is always advised to do your own research before buying. Make sure to read the reviews about a product’s performance from a reputable source in order to help make an informed decision. This will ensure complete satisfaction while enjoying the benefits of vaping.

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