The Best Way To Cut Down Nicotine

The Best Way To Cut Down Nicotine

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To finally quit smoking with vaping is an amazing goal to be achieved. However, the overall and final goal for many vapers is to completely cut out their nicotine consumption entirely. While it may be easier for some, it can be a difficult task for others. This will, of course, depend on each person as everyone will handle nicotine withdrawal differently. What we can say is that we’ll cover everything you need to know, and provide you with the best way to cut down on nicotine.

The Best Way To Cut Down Nicotine

Usually when someone quits their smoking habit in favor of vaping, they start at a higher nicotine strength e-liquid or e-juice. Additionally, a newer vaper may start with something like a pod system or vape pen that’s been designed for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping, which is ideal for those higher strengths. This option provides a similar sensation to that of their former habit; hence is why it’s often the starting point for a new vaper.. Naturally as time passes since you’ve quit smoking, your needs for nicotine may reduce, and you’ll be satisfied with less puffs than when you started your vaping journey.

To start cutting down on how much nicotine you’re intaking is to simply buy a different strength. As your needs for nicotine reduces, a lower milligram e-juice will be suitable for you. It’s recommended that you don’t jump down immediately in regards to the actual strength. This may just lead you back to the higher strength you started from. Taking it slowly, but surely, and gradually reducing the strength you vape is the best way to cut down nicotine. 

Something that’s worth trying out is to not only buy multiple strengths, but to have them in different vapes you use throughout the day. You’ll still have the higher strength you’re trying to cut down from, but the option of the lower strength to see how it works for you. This way if you’re not satisfied with the lower strength, you have the higher strength with you to provide you with the satisfaction you’re looking for. This may occur in the beginning stages, but trust us, as you reach more and more for the lower strength, you’ll say goodbye to the former rather quickly.

Another great option is to mix different e-liquids together to form a custom nicotine strength that’s not often sold in vape shops. For example, if you purchase a 3mg and 6mg bottle of the same flavor, you can mix 50% of each, and get a nicotine strength of around 4.5mg. The same will apply to other nicotine strength options as well, such as a 0mg and 3mg mixture will provide you with 1.5mg. 

However, there are certain vape shops where you have more control of the vape juice you buy. You’re able to completely customize the blend (VG/PG ratio), nicotine strength and even add flavor boosts. The last option in regards to custom e-liquids is to actually make your own DIY vape juice. With this method, you really have complete control of your e-juice. Literally any strength you can think of is possible, including strengths you don’t often see such as 2mg, 4mg, 9mg, 14mg and more.

Once you take the time to continuously, and gradually cut down on nicotine, you’ll eventually reach zero nicotine. This is one of the best methods to cut down on your consumption. The only downside is that it will take time. Now, for vapers who want to try cutting down drastically on their nicotine strength quickly will want to try out direct lung vaping. 

When changing up your vape from MTL to DL, you’ll want to get a sub ohm vape. They’re completely designed for direct to lung (DL) vaping, and suitable for lower strengths such as 3mg or 6mg. You’re able to use higher nicotine e-liquids with a sub ohm vape if desired, but it’s not recommended since it provides much more power at lower resistances. 

Overall, this vaping style is much different in comparison to traditional mouth to lung. However, many people who try and switch to direct lung vaping often find it fulfilling although it’s a lower nicotine strength. 

One of the primary reasons as to why is the amount of vapor you’ll be able to produce, often referred to as cloud chasing. With any sub ohm setup, the amount of vapor is much more in comparison to any mouth to lung vape setup. For you vapers looking for both nicotine satisfaction and clouds, you’ll want to give this a shot. Changing it up, and trying out a direct lung vape may just be the right way for you to cut down on your nicotine consumption. 

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that quitting an addiction is challenging. It  may take time to completely cut off nicotine, and it’s not really recommended to simply jump down to zero milligram juice. As mentioned earlier, making quick jumps without any preparation may lead you right back to where you started when first vaping. Something else to keep in mind is that, it will be different for everyone as needs for someone else may not be the same as yours. However, the goal is always the same, and that’s to completely quit smoking, and living a healthier lifestyle. 

Many people who start vaping to quit smoking often consider it a journey, and that’s a great way to think about it. You’ll start somewhere and end somewhere you want to be, and that’s to completely cut down on nicotine.

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