Traveling with Vapes

Traveling with Vapes

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We have all had the experience of having to unexpectedly toss something at the airport’s gate security and this is how you keep from reliving that with your favorite e-liquid. Unfortunately, there are no airlines that allow passengers to be caught vaping in their terminal or anywhere near their plane. Even through there are a few limitations, traveling with your vaping devices should be a straight forward experience, if you keep in mind the guidelines we are about to share with you! You want to make sure you bring plenty of extra vaping supplies, from extra e-juice and batteries to extra replacement Juul pods or SMOK coils to avoid running out during your travel.

where to pack vape supplies

All vape devices, atomizers, e-liquid, batteries, and any other accessories should be packed away in your carry-on luggage. When passing through security be prepared to lay out your devices and accessories out of your carry-on as they pass through. Any device left in your checked luggage will be x-rayed and likely taken out to be inspected. When you carry batteries anywhere, but especially when traveling with them, you should keep any loose batteries in a protective case or sleeve. This prevents damage to the battery wrap and prevents the positive end from arcing on anything. Whatever you do, do not leave your batteries in a charger or rolling around the bottom of your bag without protective covers.

How much E-liquid can I bring on the plane?

All liquids, including vape juice, must be packed in a single 1-quart clear plastic bag, which you will have to remove from your luggage when passing through security. No liquid container carried onto the plane can be larger than 100 mL (3.4 oz). It’s best not to take full, sealed bottles, because the pressure in the cabin will expand the liquid, and if there’s no space in the bottle it may leak, or even force the plastic seams of the bottle to split.

Can I vape in the airport or plane?

No, unfortunately not, unless by some chance you are in an airport with a smoking room, you are out of luck. As far as vaping on the plane goes, doing so put you at risk of getting a ticket from the FAA as much as $4,000, but fines may be lower, based on the level of your sky vaping offence. If you don’t think you can go without vaping for the full length of the travel, try to get a longer layover, with enough time to leave the airport and vape in the closest smoking-friendly area outside. Make sure to factor in the time it takes to get back through security, which can vary greatly based on airport, time, and other factors.

Tips for traveling vapers

  • Know the laws of the place you are headed to!
  • Different states or countries will have different laws on vaping in public.
  • Empty tanks before your flight and double-bag e-liquid kept in luggage
  • The change in pressure during your flight may cause your tank or juice bottles to leak. This does not happen every time but unquestionably can strike during your flight. Just to be safe, we recommend emptying tanks and double bagging juice to ensure they do not leak in your luggage.
  • Be prepared! Make sure to take extra atomizers because you never you what will be available and accessible to the area you are going. Also, if you’re going to carry extra batteries at any point be sure that that are kept in a battery safety case to keep them from becoming damaged or contact on something in your pocket or bag and discharge as a result. Visit one of your local vape shops to make sure you’ll have everything you need to be prepared from extra coils to battery covers.

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