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Buying an E-cigarette can be a challenge for some people, especially when it comes to your first E-cigarette. Of course you don’t want to buy disappointment, but what should you look out for?


People who start fumes, or stop smoking and switch to fumes, often have no idea what kind of E cigarette they should buy. It is difficult to make the right choice because there are so many models for sale.

People usually buy an E-cigarette from an impulse at a gas station or tobacconist. Once at home, they have no idea how the E-cigarette works, what fumes exactly mean and what to think about. Often with disappointment as a result.
In our store you will find a small selection of electronic cigarettes that we think are high-quality E-cigarettes with which you can have a great first experience.

We have divided our Complete E-cigarettes into two types, the E-cigarettes for the starter and the E-cigarettes for the experienced damper. 

With a Complete E-cigarette you buy a ready-made E-cigarette and with one purchase you are ready to vaporize. (Of course there is also an E-liquid).


The Starter E-cigarettes are the more simple kits that can often be used at the touch of a button.

No in-depth knowledge of Electronic Cigarettes is required to use the E-cigarette for starters. The starter E-cigarettes are mainly purchased by people who want to start using vapors or by people who do not need the extensive functions of a somewhat more advanced type of E-cigarette.

You only need to charge a Starter E-cigarette, top it up with liquid and occasionally provide it with a new coil (the coil is the part that evaporates the liquid). It could hardly be simpler.

Here you will find our range of Basic E cigarettes


The E-cigarettes for the experienced user (advanced E-cigarettes) can be extensively adjusted and fully adapted to your own needs.

With an advanced E-cigarette you have more control over your e-cigarette and you can adjust your vapor experience to your own preference.

For example, you can set the wattage, temperature and type of coil that you use. It is important that you know and understand what type of coil (evaporator) you use. There are also models for sale that set the E-cigarette yourself when you run the tank (clearomizer) on the MOD (battery). With some models it is even possible to update the firmware (software of the device) via the internet. This way your E-cigarette always stays up-to-date. The advanced E-cigarette also offers the possibility to install another Clearomizer tank later. This is useful if, for example, a new model is on the market or if you use several flavors of E-liquid.
Buying and / or putting together an advanced E-cigarette is something that requires some knowledge.

Below we give a brief explanation of what the possibilities are in the field of the advanced E-cigarette.
What parts does it consist of? How does it work? Compile yourself, or buy a complete kit?


  • MOD
  • Clearomizer tank
  • Coil
  • Mouthpiece (Drip Tip)
  • Battery (s)


The MOD is the part that is actually nothing else than the housing of the battery (s) and a small computer system. On this you can set different values ​​such as the wattage (sometimes also the voltage) the type of Coil you use (eg Ni200, Titanium, Stainless steel) and nowadays almost all MODS also have the Temperature Control function where you can set what the temperature should be on which you steam.

The advantage of Temperature Control is that the well-known “Dry Hits” are a thing of the past. 
Suppose there is no more liquid in the tank, then a MOD set to Wattage modes will simply try to evaporate the liquid in the tank. But because there is no more liquid in the tank, nothing is evaporated and the coil is not cooled by the liquid, so it becomes much too hot, the result is a Dry Hit and possibly some burnt cotton from the coil. Every damper has sometimes suffered from this and you can taste it immediately. With Temperature Control, however, this will no longer be possible because the MOD will heat up the coil slowly, if the coil becomes too hot, the MOD will switch off the coil heating.


The Clearomizer tank is the reservoir where the liquid (E-liquid) enters. There is a coil (Glow Spiral) in the clearomizer that heats up and the liquid evaporates. You can also control the air supply on most Clearomizers. From a tight air supply to an open (airy) air supply. This is how you determine the tightness of inhalation.

There are many different Clearomizers for sale. The big difference is in the coils that go into the Clearomizer. Because the coil is ultimately the part that evaporates the liquid and therefore ensures how you taste / experience the E-liquid.


As can be read above, the coil is in the clearomizer. This component evaporates the liquid. A coil is often a complete component that consists of a small housing with a filament spiral through which a piece of cotton is placed. The cotton absorbs the E-liquid and passes it on to the incandescent spiral that eventually heats up the E-liquid due to warming.

There are many types of coils for sale, from very simple single coils (one glowing spiral) to coils that contain as many as eight different glowing spirals. As a rule, the higher the wattage the coil can handle, the more vapor the coil will produce. A coil that is used at 20 watts will produce much less vapor than a coil that is used at 60 watts. A coil with one incandescent filament will produce less vapor than a coil with two or more incandescent filaments.

The coils that produce more vapor will also consume more E-liquid, so the Clearomizer will have to be filled more often.


Doesn’t really need much explanation, right? Mouthpieces are available in many types and this is really a personal choice. The standard general connection is the 510 connection. Not every Clearomizer also uses a 510 connection, so pay attention!


The most common battery is the 18650 Lithium battery. All MODS in our store that operate on separate batteries use the 18650 battery (s). The indication 18650 means: 18 mm wide, 65 mm long and the ‘0’ stands for its cylindrical shape. The difference in batteries is the capacity, which is indicated in mAh. The higher this number (eg 3000 mAh) the longer the battery will last. So a 3000 mAh battery lasts longer than a 2000 mAh battery. It is also important to look at the discharge capacity. Powerful MODS work better on a battery with a high discharge capacity and will also not heat up as quickly.

Always use a suitable charger for these batteries or charge them in the MOD if possible and recommended by the manufacturer. Do not transport these batteries in your bag or pocket, but make sure the battery is protected. Keys or other metal objects can cause a short circuit and cause injury. Certainly do not buy cheap Chinese batteries! These batteries provide the horror stories that come in the news.

Here you will find our selection of the advanced E-cigarettes


We recommend starting a starter with a Basic E-cigarette. Not only because it is easier to use but also to experience whether fumes suit you. If your choice falls on an advanced E-cigarette, we will naturally be happy to help you to tailor it as much as possible to your personal wishes. Before we started this company, we ourselves had been a customer of web shops that offer E-cigarettes for many years, through which we experienced positive and negative experiences of the importance of knowledge and good advice.

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