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Buy an E-cigarette instead of a regular cigarette? Or do you want to expand your electric smoking? With EA-Cigarette that is easy, fast and cheap. We are the online store with e-cigarettes, clearomizers, coils and parts from all famous brands. From Aspire to Justfog and from Millers to Aramax. That is why you buy the best e-cigarette from us based on your personal wishes. Starter sets, boxmods, MTL and Subohm. In our view, an e-smoker tailored to your needs makes a world of difference. That is why we are happy to give you realistic and honest tailor-made advice. We deliver throughout the Netherlands within 24 hours.

The shop to buy an e-cigarette cheaply

We have been active in the market since 2011. As a result, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. We now have thousands of satisfied customers. We only sell products that we fully support. EA-Cigarette is the store par excellence where you can find the best electric cigarette in your situation. In addition, an e-cigarette through our online shop is also cheap and easy to order, and you can opt for free shipping.

Which is the best cigarette to buy?

Don’t know which e-cigarette to buy? Don’t panic, that’s why we have created various help pages to help you on your way. In all cases it is in any case recommended for starting users to make a choice from The VaporDNA . If you continue reading down, you will find all the help pages that can help you.

Only the best new products

We are aware of everything that appears in this constantly changing market. We also want to prevent you from ordering an e-smoker that does not suit you. This saves problems on your side and solves on our side. We only include new products if they are actually an addition or supplement to contemporary and modern electric smoking. Do you want to buy an e-cigarette or e-liquid right now? Then go to one of the links below.

How does fumes work with an E-cigarette?

How does an e-cigarette work exactly? Of course there is no real smoke involved with an e-cigarette, like with a real cigarette. Electrical devices that smoke are defective. The “smoke” from electric smoking stands for vapor. Ordinary, evaporated liquid that can be inhaled. The inhaled vapor can contain nicotine, but that is not necessary. Many harmful substances are also missing from the vapors, which you do get with analogue cigarettes. As a result, the electric cigarette is gaining popularity worldwide.

This is done by an electronic device consisting of a battery and a refill reservoir. The liquid evaporates in this reservoir because it is brought to a boiling point by the battery. The vapor released is inhaled just like when smoking. That is why electric smoking is also known as vapors or vapors.

E-cigarette healthy or bad

There are people who claim that an e-cigarette is healthy or healthier. Of course an electric cigarette is not healthy. After all, it is not vitamin C or leaf spinach. Swimming is healthy. An e-cigarette is only an alternative to your analogue “regular” tobacco cigarette. Although an e-cigarette is not harmful or carcinogenic, it also does nothing for your health. But it helps to ensure that you do not smoke or smoke less. And smoking is, as we know, deadly. An e-cigarette contains no tobacco, but falls under the Tobacco Act. According to Dr. Farselinos’ independent research, the use of an electric cigarette has no harmful side effects. Not for bystanders either.

The best tool

Do you want to buy an e-cigarette to stop smoking? The e-cigarette is the best means to permanently quit.According to De Telegraaf, Volkskrant and AD. Of course that is because an electric cigarette perfectly mimics smoking. When using an e-cigarette you perform almost all the same actions that make smoking so addictive, but without harmful and carcinogenic substances. Electronic cigarettes are another, alternative way of smoking. That is why more and more people are buying an electric cigarette.

Are you also planning to stop once and for all? Plasters or nicotine spray often do not work effectively, so you quickly fall back on your old habit. Because you use the same actions when using your electric cigarette as when smoking, the e-cigarette is the most effective method to quit. In addition, an e-cigarette is much cheaper than regular cigarettes.


Experience with the e-cigarette. What do others think of the electric cigarette? How do they like it? You may be interested in switching, but you would first like to read more experiences about e-cigarette and its use. We have collected a number of experiences from people just like you. People who bought an e-cigarette to switch to electric smoking. 

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