What is IQOS and How to use it?

What is IQOS and how to use it?

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What is IQOS? 

IQOS is a device that fundamentally changed the process of consumption of nicotine-containing products. More than 7.3 million smokers around the world have completely switched over to it, and more than three million people alternate their use of the device with traditional methods of tobacco consumption. In this article we will look at how Aikos works, who invented it and where to use it. 

What is IQOS and how to use it?


  1. What is IQOS?
  2. HeatControl technology
  3. How to use IQOS?
  4. Where can I use IQOS?
  5. Conclusion

What is IQOS?

IQOS is an innovative electric tobacco heating system. Unlike traditional methods of using tobacco, such as smoking cigarettes, burning does not occur when using IQOS. The fact is that in the process of burning a cigarette under the influence of high temperatures, over 6000 harmful substances are formed, 58 of which can lead to the risk of diseases associated with smoking. Therefore, when developing IQOS, scientists decided to replace combustion by heating to a temperature not exceeding 350 ° C. So created the technology Heat Control.

What is HeatControl Technology ?

Philip Morris International has invested more than $ 6 billion in smokeless product research. More than 400 scientists and engineers from Switzerland for 10 years worked on the creation of IQOS, thinking through its design to the smallest detail. Inside the IQOS holder there is a ceramic heating element with tracks of gold and platinum. Together, these two metals form a thermonuclear and help reliably track the heating temperature so that it does not exceed 350 ° C. Due to this, using IQOS releases 95% less harmful substances compared to cigarettes. *

Important: this does not mean a 95% reduction in risk. Using IQOS does not eliminate health risks.

* Average reduction in the levels of harmful substances (excluding nicotine) in an IQOS aerosol compared to the smoke of the reference cigarette used in the study (3R4F). 

The Aikos heating element in the form of a wide and flat blade fits perfectly into the tobacco stick, allowing it to be heated as evenly as possible. This element signals the temperature in the microchip, which in turn leads to the necessary temperature change to maintain it at a stable level no higher than 350 ° C. 

It is important to note that the IQOS uses a lithium-ion battery, which is distinguished by its durability. 

How to use IQOS?

Before use, you need to remove the holder from the charger and insert the stick into the silver line. Then you need to hold down the button on the device and hold it until the vibrating signal starts heating up and after that, after about 20 seconds, you can start the session. After the session, you need to remove the stick. It can be thrown into a special stichitsa – a small container into which used sticks can be put – after all, you can use IQOS indoors, in a car and in public places (when coordinated with the administration), and not just on the street next to the urn. 

After the session, the holder must be inserted into the charger and after 3-4 minutes, depending on the model, it will be ready for use again. 

Where can I use IQOS?

You can safely use IQOS in the car or at home, because the emitted tobacco vapor does not leave an unpleasant smell or bloom on curtains, walls and other interior items. Despite the fact that the use of IQOS has virtually no effect on the air quality in the room and often goes unnoticed, it still remains to be used in places where it is officially allowed. On the official website of IQOS there is a map with a list of Aykos friends. Across Russia, there are already more than a thousand. Of course, even more establishments have nothing against the device, but it is better to know in advance with the administration how they relate to this. 

What is IQOS and how to use it?


IQOS is not just another fleeting novelty on the market, the fashion for which comes and goes. This is an innovative, over the years developed device, thought out to the smallest detail and the past many clinical studies. The appearance of Aikos is the beginning of a new era of a smokeless future that is finally coming. 

Do not exclude risks 

What is IQOS and how to use it?

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