How Can You Fight the Vape Ban?

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First and foremost, when contacting your representatives, it is best to have a respectful and polite attitude regardless of your level of outrage. Remember to be somewhat brief in your message to increase the probability that your message will be given attention. Thank the listener as well for taking the time to address your message.


You can do so by finding the correct representative for your area using this website link:

  1. Enter your address in the search bar that says to do so and click “find my district”
  2. On the left hand of the map, you will see your representatives and their contact information.

What does this do?
Your local representatives congregate with other government officials and are paid to represent your interest in political action. The number of people that call in with similar messages gives them an idea of how many people feel a certain way about subjects of interest. This can also be important when local or state laws are being discussed concerning the drafting of new laws.


The number for the white house phone line for citizen comments: (202) 456-1111

Why call the white house?
This is the line of contact for the President. Being as calm as possible, we need to remind the oval office of what the citizens of this country want for the regulation of vaping. They need to know the number of lives they are affecting with this vape ban. They need to know your input on the matter and why vaping flavors over tobacco flavored e-liquid matters to you. They need to know that non-tobacco flavored vapor helped you quit smoking, and you don’t want to go back to smoking tobacco.


Click on this link to sign the white house petition against the vape ban:

  1. On the right side of the page, you’ll see a section to fill in your information. Fill it out then click the box that says, “sign now”. You’ll need to go to your email inbox open the email from the website.
  2. Click the link to verify your email to complete your signature on the petition.

The petition may only alert the white house of a certain portion of individuals that would like to stop the vape ban; however, it’s best to do as much as possible to alert our representatives that we are against this vape ban. Petitioning does not stop the vape ban, but it will certainly bring attention to our cause.


Stay knowledgeable about current vape related topics. Ruthless Vapors’ social media and blogs are one way of staying attentive to current topics that concern the vape community.
Scroll to the bottom of this page and look on the left side to click the icons which link to all our social media accounts.
You can also stay educated by visiting vape advocacy sites such as:

CASAA, Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives:

Not Blowing Smoke:

VTA, Vapor Technology Association:

It’s important to stay informed so you can engage others with wisdom. The best way to fight the wave of misinformation is to enlighten those who are unaware wherever and whenever possible.

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