PG? VG? What is that?

PG VG What is that

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With every e-liquid you see a certain composition and ingredients list and maybe it is completely abracadabra for you. Let me therefore briefly explain at least the raw materials PG and VG!

PG stands for Propylene Glycol (in Dutch we call it Propylene Glycol) and is considered by the World Health Organization to be non-harmful in small quantities and can therefore be used in food, cosmetics and medicines. If you ever check the ingredients of a packet of butter or a bottle of beer, then you can find PG under the E-number E1520.

VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin (in Dutch we call it Vegetable Glycerin) and is used in care products, foodstuffs, but also in, for example, the smoking machines as we know them in discos. VG can be found on the ingredients list of, for example, an ice cream under the E number E422.

Different compositions? Why?

Every brand and sometimes even the e-liquids within a brand itself, all have a different PG and VG ratio. What is best for you is just a personal preference. For example, the Diamond Flavors e-liquids consist of 70% PG and VG 30%, the e-liquids of Vaponaute 24 e-liquids consist of 50% PG and 50% VG and the e-liquids from Virgin Vapor again 100% from VG.

The PG / VG ratio largely determines the experience of the vapor. The PG part provides the ‘throathit’ (the tickle in your throat), and is the strongest ‘flavor carrier’. A higher VG content in a liquid ensures that in many cases the taste becomes slightly milder. The VG content is also short and simply stated for the amount of vapor and gives a somewhat more pleasant feeling in your throat.

It is not entirely unimportant that you can possibly also influence the throathit by the nicotine content that you choose. The lower the nicotine content, the softer the e-liquid will be for your throat and vice versa.

PG? VG? What should I choose then ?!

Many people often start with a somewhat ‘cheaper’ brand and my experience is that they usually have a high PG content (it is stated on the bottle / box, so check it out yourself).

There is nothing wrong with that in itself, but if you start as a starter with the e-cigarette, which also contains e-liquid with a high PG content and perhaps also a slightly too high nicotine content, that often has as the result is that you have to cough a lot during the first few hoistings and that is why you quickly throw the e-cigarette in a corner again, because “it’s nothing!”. I think that’s a shame!

Also, don’t let the courage sink into your shoes when you have a dry mouth. Because it is a small effort to try an e-liquid that has a somewhat higher VG content, which ensures that you will have no or at least less trouble with this.

In addition, it can sometimes happen that you suffer from somewhat worse complaints (such as blisters in your mouth) and that you immediately blame the e-cigarette. But maybe you are just very sensitive to the substance PG. That is not strange, it is not even unique and luckily you can do something about it.

So much choice in e-liquids

It is not easy to say exactly which e-liquid you need and that is why we have so many different brands and e-liquids on the site. Everyone likes something different, which is why we also advise starting dampers to take test packages . Then you get different flavors, so you can try a lot for very attractive prices. That way you can try what works best for you without too much risk.

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