Comparison Stig pods, Mojo and Fogg Vape

Comparison Stig pods, Mojo and Fogg Vape

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VapeRankz Comparison Three Major Disposable Pod Devices like Stig Pods , Mojo vape and also Fogg vape.

All Devices Disposable , No tension for change the Cartridge and putting E juices. Here is the Technical review about Best Disposable pod devices. How Much E juice Capacity in Pods, battery level and Main things is Nicotine level each pod device, how many puff each device.

Each Disposable Pod Device Many Flavors like 5 to 8 Flavors majority use it.

Comparison Stig pods, Mojo and Fogg Vape

DevicesStig PodsFogg VapeMojo Vape
CategoryUltra PodsDisposable pods Disposable pods
BatteryFully Charged Fully Charged 240 Mah lithium-ion battery
Capacity1.2ML 1.2ML 1.2ML
Nicotine6.0%5.0% or 2.0% 5.0% or 2.0%
Puff 300+300+200+
Cig Apprx20 Cig / apprx20 / Cig apprx1 / Cig Apprx
Flavors5 Flavors8 Flavors7 Flavors
PurchaseBuy now Buy now Buy now

VGOD Stig pods

Each STIG has a pre-charged battery and a large amount of SaltNic fluid to replace a pack of cigarettes. automatic activation of the puff, you can enjoy a wonderful taste, immediately and without problems.

VGOD Stig pods

STIG is a revolutionary one-in-one device designed to be a profitable alternative to cigarettes. This is an exceptional solution for those who want to start living a smoke-free life, but perhaps fear vaping. With the STIG Pod, your vaping experience becomes easy and carefree, as it is fully accessible to any adult who wants to quit smoking.

Each STIG contains enough salt with nicotine to fit a pack of cigarettes, and is powered by a pre-charged battery with low power consumption. With no buttons or complex settings, the STIG pod is ready for use right out of the box.

STIG pods are also small enough to fit in a pocket of any size, but they have great taste and offer enough steam to help you change the habit forever! All salt with nicotine liquid is expertly mixed by SaltNic Labs specialists, using only high-quality ingredients for your maximum pleasure and satisfaction.


there is no need for refueling – the devices are pre-filled – just choose your favorite taste. So, there is no need to carry a bottle of liquid. Secondly, it is not necessary, but rather can not be charged. Therefore, the usb cord is already at home. Thirdly, you do not have to change the built-in evaporator and generally look inside.

Fogg Vape

As always, I warn those interested. Do not throw such devices into the trash after use, even if you really want to remember your “smelly tobacco past.” Since there is a built-in battery inside, it must be disposed of properly.

The device is activated by tightening. Built-in battery of unknown capacity. Well at least the developers report that its full charge is enough for at least 300 puffs. 


Such an electronic cigarette comes in a small box on which the device itself is depicted, as well as the color chosen to suit the taste. On the box, you will also notice warning labels and a list of the main features on the back side. Opening the box you will see, no, not the e-cigarette itself, but a small package in which it is sealed in itself “under”. Nothing else in the box you will not find, and it would be strange to wait for something else for that kind of money.

mojo vape

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